Bedside manner? What's that?

Monday, February 22, 2010

We're dealing with one of the most unprofessional medical offices I have ever seen. It's almost comical. In fact, I just laughed and said "whatever" as I was hanging up the phone with Dr. Greenberg's office. She's Dylan's developmental pediatrician. Sure, I know she deals with very challenged kids and it probably benefits her to have a very quirky personality; however, THIS IS MY CHILD we're talking about. Not some chart or number. That's how she treats me - rushes me out of the office, quick to downplay my questions, etc.

As you know, she suspects that Dylan has some form of ADD or ADHD. I don't know for certain that he does, but I'm not surprised she's leaning in this direction. So we'll go along with the evaluation and the testing. However, that was 3+ weeks ago and I have not been able to get through to her office since. Haven't received any return phone calls. Nada.

Called again this morning, after re-explaining my situation the woman said she'd check Dylan's file to see if they had all the forms returned (from D's teachers). She came back to the phone and said "nope" and began to hang up. And that was it. No explanation, nothing. It was simply rude. And I know this isn't true because Dylan's speech therapist has spoken to their office and they confirmed receiving 2 of the 3 pages of the fax.

I realize I'm venting, but to me this is a big deal. I know my child doesn't have some of the difficulties of other children, but they're still significant to me. Stop downplaying the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD on a 4 year old child and show your patients and their parents some respect. End of story.


Vicki said...

It's amazing to me with all the rushing around doctors do once you get to see them, that you have to wait an hour in the waiting room before you get in. I mean, if they're rushing that much you'd think they'd at least be able to take you in on time! And it seems like they don't ever stop to think how they appear to you - as if you are insignificant and they just have to process you and move on to the next warm body.

From your other post, I have the same issue about asking doctors questions. I feel rushed and feel like I'm being petty with my questions and so a lot of times leave with my questions unanswered. The only two things I've managed to do to make it better are 1) book appointments as early in the day as possible so they're less likely to be rushing around to make up for lost time and 2) have a written list of questions. If they see the list, it will be harder to ignore and rush you off. And get that pen out so you can write down any new thoughts as they're talking to you! Doctors should have a better bedside manner (and some are fabulous!) but a lot of them are too rushed to realize. Good luck!

RC said...

so many things to say carrie...i just stumbled upon this. you know i am all about rallying. well - first, i have adhd, and i have been around hundreds of kids with this, and i don't know...doesn't seem like a classic case at all - with that being said - it is a huge spectrum, huge, and no two people are alike, doesn't seem very textbook to me. second, are there any other specialists that you can see? there are other doctors, ones who might give more of a shit. third, hang in there. no one can be an advocate 24 hours a day. you need time to just exist as a family. hang in there woman.